Attorney development

We develop and teach our associates to become winning trial lawyers in two complementary ways:

Early responsibility

Our attorneys quickly develop the skill and experience needed to run their own cases.

Starting from day 1, our associates take critical depositions, write and argue summary judgment motions, lead settlement negotiations, and take witnesses at trial. Our associates don’t take notes for a partner at a meeting. They are their client’s lawyer facing partners from major firms.

For example, just two months after becoming an attorney, Simon argued a claim construction (Markman) hearing in federal court before Chief Judge Leonard Davis of the Eastern District of Texas in a high profile patent infringement matter:


Based on the arguments that Simon presented in our briefs and during the oral argument, we prevailed on each of the six claim terms.

Simon has had many stand-up roles in Federal Court in the three years since then, including arguments on:

  • four motions for summary judgment;
  • a total of sixteen disputed claim phrases in four claim construction hearings;
  • two Daubert motions to exclude certain opinions of validity and damages experts;
  • four motions in limine;
  • defendants’ objections to our exhibits and our objections to defendants’ exhibits during a pretrial conference; and
  • a number of discovery motions, including a motion to compel a defendant to produce key patent license agreements.

You can download a transcript of Simon’s recent argument at a claim construction hearing before Judge Sleet in the District of Delaware here.

Simon has also taken and defended dozens of expert and fact witness depositions, briefed more than 50 motions (including case-dispositive summary judgment and JMOL motions), managed infringement, validity, and damages experts, and taken lead roles in case strategy as well as every other aspect of litigation.

As another example, in his first year at the firm, Jonas took 25 depositions and briefed 10 motions, including two case-dispositive summary judgment motions.

Here are some examples from Jonas’ first year.

In Jonas’ second year, he briefed and argued a Federal Circuit appeal against Google. For the oral argument, Google sent the chair of the appellate practice from a large firm. Here is an audio recording of the argument. And here is the result.

   Jonas Jacobson — Federal Circuit Argument


We will work hard to make you a much better lawyer.

You will be given specific guidance, including principles and rules to apply, that will quickly improve your skills in brief writing, working with opponents, preparing and delivering oral presentations, taking depositions, and trial practice. You will receive day to day feedback.

This training, coupled with the daily opportunity to apply yourself, will give you the skills needed to successfully take on complex litigation against some of the country’s top firms.