We enjoy our work environment and work hard to protect it.

Focused on what matters.

We are intensely focused on what matters: producing excellent work product for our clients, winning our cases, and improving our skills.

We do not focus on the things that do not matter.

We do not tell our lawyers what to wear to the office.  Dress however you’d like (unless you are going to court or meeting with a new client).

We do not need to keep time sheets detailing our days in six minute increments.  We don’t keep track of hours, even internally.

We do not have arbitrary rules about how many hours a day our lawyers must be physically present in the office, or what schedule they must keep.  As long as you are getting your work done — and showing up for trial lab — we have no interest in making you sit at your desk at particular hours or keeping tabs on your whereabouts.  In fact, our attorneys frequently work from home or time-shift their hours in the office to accommodate their preferences and personal lives (family commitments, doctor visits, workouts — or even just their preference to work from home on a particular day).


The practice of law — and litigation in particular — often attracts forceful personalities and strong opinions.  We are no exception.  But that does not require rudeness or over-sized egos; and those are not tolerated here.  We treat each other with respect, we acknowledge each other’s accomplishments and credit each other’s contributions, and we do not scream or scheme.  And above all, we maintain a sense of humor.

By the ocean.

Our office is in Santa Monica, two blocks from the beach and with broad views of the Pacific Ocean.  It is impossible for your mood to not be affected by the constant presence of the ocean and the smell of the ocean air.  (Our windows actually open, and we have a balcony).  It never gets old,  especially not at sunset:

The view from our office.

Enjoy life outside the office.

Los Angeles is one of the greatest cities in the world and we take full advantage of living here.  We schedule firm-wide events throughout the year in locations throughout the city — bike rides, hikes, wine tastings, gourmet dinners, sporting activities (e.g., archery and hang gliding) — and our attorneys enjoy the city’s world-class music and comedy venues, art scene, local breweries, professional sports teams, and the beach.

Los Angeles is also a great starting out point for short and long trips.  Our attorneys frequently visit other parts of California (Catalina, Santa Barbara, Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, Mammoth, Tahoe) and nearby states (Park City, Alta/Snowbird, Jackson Hole, Breckenridge, Aspen, Las Vegas).

And while our airport can be a bit of a bummer (though it is being renovated) that has not stopped our attorneys from aggressively traveling the world.  In just the last year, our lawyers have gone to: Vietnam, Japan, Morocco, Bora Bora, Costa Rica, Colombia, Italy, the Netherlands, and Thailand.

Exploration is part of our nature, and vacations are encouraged.  In fact, when you go away, no one is sitting here counting your vacation days or tallying them up for the year.  That’s just not a thing here.  But you are expected to come back with a good story or two.