Legal assistants

Below we explain what we are looking for, what a successful candidate can expect in return from us, and how to apply to join the firm.

What we are looking for:

We require strong credentials from a top undergraduate institution as well as demonstrated success in prior employment or extracurricular pursuits.  No prior legal experience is necessary, but a desire to learn and excel in a team oriented environment is essential.  We require a two-year commitment and a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.6.

Job description:

Our legal assistants perform a variety of tasks that ensure the efficient operation of our practice and our success in court.  At our firm, attorneys and assistants work in a collaborative environment where everyone plays a role in producing the best work product possible.  Assistants conduct research and analysis, craft arguments, and create multimedia presentations used in court before judges and juries.  The amount and degree of difficulty of the substantive projects assigned to each assistant depend on the assistant’s performance, motivation, and initiative.

After leaving our firm, past legal assistants have gone on to top U.S. law schools (such as Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Pennsylvania), prestigious graduate programs, and positions in various other industries including finance, tech, and government.

How to apply:

Please send your resume, transcript (may be unofficial), cover letter, and one writing sample by e-mail to No phone calls, please.

Our current assistant / paralegal team:

Remeny White

School: Middlebury College ‘18
Major: Computer Science and German
Future goals: To continue to explore the nexus of law and technology, backpack through Patagonia, and finally make it all the way through James Joyce’s Ulysses.
Interesting fact: I have an irrational fear of the sky and most fruits.

Beth Watson

School: University of Virginia ‘18
Major: Arts Administration and English
Future goals: To practice entertainment law, see as much theater as possible, and keep a well-stocked bookshelf at all times.
Interesting fact: Worked at Second Stage Theater on Broadway.

Sarah Allen

School: University of Southern California ‘17
Major: Political Science
Future goals: To spend a year living abroad, go to law school, and eventually work as a District Attorney in LA.
Interesting fact: My family is directly descended from the Pilgrims and my ancestors first arrived in the country on the Mayflower.

Billie Mandelbaum

School: Washington University in St. Louis ‘17
Major: Political Science and American Culture Studies
Future goals: To go to either law school or graduate school and travel to Japan.
Interesting fact: Was interviewed by NPR’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” to discuss a rabid bear named Boo Boo.

Eunice Lee

School: Harvard University ‘17
Major: History and Science, Minor in Health Policy
Future goals: To never become complacent; to be well-traveled and well-read.
Interesting fact: Performed traditional Korean fan dance (buchaechum) during college.

Michael Drash

School: University of Virginia ‘17
Major: Linguistics and Slavic Languages & Literatures
Future goals: To contribute to building a world that better protects the vulnerable; and maybe practice litigation along the way.
Interesting fact: Went to high school in Germany for a year.

Patrick Doolittle

School: Yale University ‘17
Major: Political Science
Future goals: To be a trial attorney.
Interesting fact: Plays both drums and guitar.

Past assistant / paralegal team:

Ian Robertson

School: University of Virginia ‘16
Major: Government and Foreign Affairs
Future goals: Study law and climb El Capitan.
Interesting fact: Went to elementary, middle, and high school in the UK with a fellow Dovel & Luner legal assistant.
After Dovel & Luner: Taking time off to travel before law school.

Charlotte Morris

School: Dartmouth College ‘14
Major: Psychology and Religion
Future goals: To learn how to code in Python.
Interesting fact: Taught English in Malaysia for a year.
After Dovel & Luner: Fulbright English Teaching Assistant.

Nicole Malick

School: University of Pennsylvania ‘15
Major: Sociology
Future goals: Practice law, bring about social change, and be published in the New Yorker.
Interesting fact: Designed and sewed clothes for fashion shows during college.
After Dovel & Luner: Attended University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Victoria Lee

School: Johns Hopkins University ’15
Major: Political Science and History of Art
Future goals: To affect the world and those around me in a positive and substantial way.
Interesting fact: Grew up in London, England.
After Dovel & Luner: Attended Fordham Law School.

Jasjaap Sidhu

School: Amherst College ‘14
Major: History
Future goals: To excel at my profession and invest in interesting ideas.
Interesting fact: Spent a semester studying in Berlin during his junior year.
After Dovel & Luner: Attended Harvard Law School.

Chris Nguyen

School: Washington University in St. Louis, ‘15
Major: Architecture
Future goals: Publish poetry and fiction that empowers voices in the margin.
Interesting fact: Wrote and performed spoken word poetry during college.
After Dovel & Luner: Attended Rutgers University-Newark (Poetry MFA)

Paul Bolohan

School: University of Michigan ‘14
Major: Political Science
Future goals: To continuously strive to improve myself and my surroundings.
Interesting fact: Was born with only one kidney.
After Dovel & Luner: Currently works as a Global Operations Associate in Los Angeles.

MaryJo Lopez

School: Stanford University ‘15
Major: Philosophy and French
Future goals: To always have more questions than answers.
Interesting fact: Will be pursuing a career in wine law after law school.
After Dovel & Luner: Attended Stanford Law School.

Alayna Rodriguez

School: Harvard University ’10
Major: Government; Language Citation in French
Future goals: To become an expert in my chosen field.
Interesting fact: Previously worked for the U.S. Senate.
After Dovel & Luner: Studied International Relations at Johns Hopkins University.

Ashley Menzies

School: Stanford University ’11
Major: Political Science
Future goals: Practice litigation, pursue entrepreneurial endeavors, and eventually find myself in a position that fulfills my passion for the law, journalism and social change.
Interesting fact: Is producing a documentary to educate the American public about the DREAM Act and the lives of those that are undocumented.
After Dovel & Luner: Attended Harvard Law School.

Amit Gressel

School: University of California, Los Angeles ’10
Major: Political Science, Public Affairs Minor
Future goals: To pursue a career in Intellectual Property law and explore interesting opportunities as they come.
Interesting fact: Alternatively, aspires to be the J-Man
After Dovel & Luner: Attended Stanford Law School.

Brian Weissenberg

School: University of California, Berkeley ’11
Major: Political Science / Religious Studies
Future goals: Practice patent litigation and eventually run for U.S. Congress.
Interesting fact: Helped Bush speechwriters Peter Wehner and Michael Gerson craft their book “City of Man: Religion and Politics in a New Era.”
After Dovel & Luner: Attended Stanford Law School.

Dan Ewert

School: Yale ’12
Major: History
Future goals: To bring a lighthearted but sincere approach to the world’s problems.
Interesting fact: Is an avid woodworker and cyclist.
After Dovel & Luner: Worked as an investigator for the public defender in Brooklyn, and currently works in public history for the Lower East Side Tenement Museum.


Jenny Liu

School: Harvard University ’09
Major: Chemistry and Physics, Minor in Government
Future goals: To be successful and happy, but not one at the expense of the other.
Interesting fact: Makes awesome floral arrangements.
After Dovel & Luner: Attended the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Alex Ouligian

School: University of California at Berkeley, ’12
Major: History
Future goals: To be a lifelong learner.
Interesting fact: Was Mr. Pacific Palisades, 2006.
After Dovel & Luner: Analyst, private equity firm.

Holst Katsma

School: Stanford University ’13
Major: English with an emphasis in philosophy
Future goals: To continually work hard/never become lethargic.
Interesting fact: Is publishing an essay, in conjunction with the Stanford Literary Lab, on the characteristics, measurability, and development of loudness in the novel.
After Dovel & Luner: Attended Harvard Graduate School (English PhD).


Dianne Kim

School: Northwestern University ’13
Major: Political Science and Psychology
Future goals: To be able to say that I helped the world be a better place.
Interesting fact: Lived in South Korea for a decade from age 9 through high school.
After Dovel & Luner: Attended Harvard Law School.

Maria Kovalchuk

School: Northwestern University ’14
Major: Classics
Future goals: To leave my surroundings better than I found them.
Interesting fact: Won a Big Ten Conference championship with my field hockey team in college.
After Dovel & Luner: Studied Classical Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.