Salary and benefits

We recruit the best young lawyers from the best law schools and expect them to deliver results that far exceed those of associates at other firms.  We pay them accordingly.

Base salaries. Our base salaries start at $215,000 for first years and are among the highest in the country.

First $215,000
Second $225,000
Third $245,000
Fourth $280,000
Fifth $305,000
Sixth $330,000

Year-end bonuses. We believe associates should share in the firm’s successes.  We pay bonuses based on firm revenue.  Associate bonuses beat the market every year, often by multiples, and have been as high as $700,000.

Clerkship bonuses. We recruit outstanding judicial clerks and pay them signing bonuses well above market.  Our clerkship bonus is $140,000.

401(k) contributions. Each year, the firm contributes an additional amount equal to three percent of salary (up to the legally allowed maximum) into each associate’s fully vested 401(k) plan.

Healthcare. We provide all our employees and their families with top notch health insurance and vision and dental plans, and pay for 100% of  premiums.

Generous and flexible family-leave benefits. We recognize that the birth or adoption of a new child is one of the most exciting and stressful times in the life of any parent. Our paid parental leave is flexible and generous, allowing parents to take the time they need to care for and bond with their new child.

Subsidized backup care. We offer subsidized backup childcare for when regular childcare arrangements fall through.