Summer program

Our summer program is our pipeline for new lawyers.  Our goal is to identify and hire attorneys who will succeed at the firm and stay with us long term — not to recruit a bloated class of first years to bill 2,500 hours per year each on document review projects for a few years, until most of them burn out.

To do this, we give our summer associates an experience that is as close as possible to that of actual associates at our firm.

As a summer associate, you will not draft meaningless memos on tangential issues.  Instead, you will work closely with the attorneys on one or two active cases.  You will participate in weekly case strategy meetings.  You will receive intellectually challenging assignments on real, important issues that come up in those cases.  And we will provide round after round of detailed and constructive feedback.

In addition, like our attorneys, each of our summers are required to participate in trial labs each week.  You will learn how to cross-examine a witness, get evidence admitted, and give an opening argument.

At the end of the summer, you will have a good sense of the work you would be doing as an associate at the firm.  You will know if the firm is a good fit for you.  We will know if you are a good fit for the firm.  And either way, you will be a much better lawyer for it.

Of course, we will also have fun.  You will get to know our attorneys outside the office at social events throughout the city.  Tell us what interests you — fine dining or food trucks, Dodger games, surf lessons, visiting L.A. breweries, boxing lessons, slack lining — and we’ll make it happen and have fun doing it.

Our summer program is flexible, and we encourage our summer associates to split their summer with another firm.  Spending time with another firm allows you to see firsthand what makes our firm unique.