Research & Development

We conduct research at three different levels:


At the most general level, we investigate, analyze, and explicate the fundamental principles of persuasion and identify and develop model arguments. We have taught these principles and models as part of the law school curriculum at the University of Southern California Law Center in a class entitled Persuasion.

Trial Lab

At the next level down, we research and analyze basic tools of trial advocacy. In ourĀ Trial Lab, we uncover the specific theories and techniques that maximize persuasion in each phase of a trial.

Jury Studies

Finally, at the most concrete level, we conduct specific research and analysis through mock jury studies using a live audience in a controlled setting to identify the most effective means of persuading decision-makers in that case.


We make a record of the lessons we learn at all levels, from principles of persuasion to particular cross examination problems, and then build upon that record. Here are some examples.