Course Description

The Development and Presentation of Persuasive Arguments – 2 units

Professors Sean Luner and Greg Dovel

Much of your success as a lawyer depends on your ability to persuade an audience — a potential client, an opposing party in a mediation, or a jury during a closing argument.

This seminar will teach you to create and deliver persuasive presentations using state-of-the-art methods. The components of this course include: the analysis and development of persuasive arguments using principles of persuasion; the translation of the arguments into visual presentations using presentation models; and the persuasive delivery of the presentation. This is not a class on written persuasion, nor is it a class on trial techniques. Rather, you will learn how to analyze arguments and create and deliver presentations based on the arguments in any context. The course materials include a series of handouts.

The final grade will be based on a presentation (that will be developed throughout the course based on an actual case). Additional credit will be given for class participation. In addition to general class discussions, there will be several in-class simulations and in-class exercises.

A working knowledge of computers, especially PowerPoint, will be helpful but not necessary.

The class will be available for CR/D/F. Enrollment limited to 12 students.