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“Non-Drowsy” Cough Medicine Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

“Non-Drowsy” Cough Medicine: Who’s Affected?

Did you buy cough or flu medicine labeled “Non-Drowsy”?

According to Consumer Reports, “Non-Drowsy” is “code for antihistamines and other medications that don’t make you sleepy.”

Many over-the-counter cough medicines are labeled “Non-Drowsy” and consumers rely on these labels when it’s important to stay alert, like at work or when driving; however, some of these products may contain a drug that causes drowsiness.

Do You Qualify?

If you purchased an over-the-counter cough syrup labeled as “Non-Drowsy”, you may qualify to join this false advertising class action lawsuit investigation.

Attorneys are investigating the following “Non-Drowsy” over-the-counter cough medicines:

• Robitussin • Costco (Kirkland) • Up & Up (Target brand) • CVS brand
• DayQuil / Vicks • Kroger • Amazon Basic Care • Equate (Walmart brand)
• Walgreens • Meijer • GoodSense • Rite Aid brands
• Tylenol • CareOne • BJ’s Wholesale • Others

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The Truth About ‘Non-Drowsy’ Cough Medicines: They Cause Drowsiness

Many “Non-Drowsy” cough-medicine brands actually contain a drug that has been found to cause drowsiness.

This drug is called dextromethorphan hydrobromide, or DXM.  This drug targets the cough centers of your brain to stop you from coughing — but it has also been known to make people feel drowsy or sleepy.  Drowsiness is a documented side-effect of DXM.

Join the Investigation

If you purchased a cough medication labeled “Non-Drowsy”, you may be eligible to take part in a class action lawsuit seeking compensation for consumers.

Fill out the form below.  If you qualify, an attorney may contact you to discuss the details of your potential case at no charge.

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