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Class Actions

Dovel & Luner’s class action practice goes back to the firm’s roots.

When we started Dovel & Luner 25 years ago, we represented classes of end users, brokers, and service providers in a class action lawsuit against three international corporations (Siemens, Océ, and NCR) for monopolizing the United States high-speed printer industry.

Since that first class action case 25 years ago, we have been mastering persuasion techniques, and developing proprietary processes and tools to give our class action clients a winning edge at trial.

Because class action cases rarely go to trial, few firms have the trial experience needed to obtain extraordinary verdicts.  Because of our track record, other law firms bring Dovel & Luner into pending class action cases to either force the defendants to settle on the courthouse steps or to try the case.

Here is a recent example where we won one of the largest consumer protection verdicts on record:








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