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David v. Goliath

We have developed a 30-minute presentation called “David v. Goliath.”  It explains why structural flaws inherent in many BigLaw litigation practices can undermine what clients desire most: winning.  And it explains how our firm’s specific approaches to hiring, training, staffing our cases, and structuring our business model eliminate those flaws and gives us a competitive advantage.

We have delivered David & Goliath to clients and in-house counsel across the country.  It has been well received:

“Superb presentation that really highlights the firm’s expertise and challenges perceptions of advantages and disadvantages in litigation.”

Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, fitness industry

“Dovel & Luner understands how to leverage its assets — not only its own top-tier legal intelligence, expertise and experience, but also its understanding of the best practices of persuasion theory and jury psychology — to level the playing field, and then tilt it towards a successful resolution.  Their willingness to take risks based on those resources, and their years of success in doing so, shows that it’s not just talk.”

Managing Director and Member of Investment Committee, legal market financier

“… that was the most engaging business pitch I have ever seen.”

Vice President, Associate General Counsel, entertainment industry

If you are interested in learning more about David & Goliath, please contact:

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