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Trial 911

You are litigating a strong case, but it has become increasingly costly and complicated.  Or perhaps your client’s legal budget was slashed as a result of the coronavirus fallout.  You could settle with the defendant for pennies on the dollar or continue to stretch your resources through verdict.

Neither option is appealing.  But there’s another way to go:

Partner with a firm of extraordinary trial lawyers who are paid only for success and who fund the remaining case expenses.

Dovel & Luner tries and wins high-end complex cases in state and federal courts across the country.  We have expertise in every major type of business litigation, including assertions of breach of contract, fraud, consumer rights violations and other class actions, patent infringement, and trade secret theft.

We regularly defeat the biggest law firms in the country.  And because each of our attorneys is highly experienced and trial tested, we are able to pick up the file just weeks before trial and build a winning case.

Trial 911 Case Study

A high-stakes certified class action case alleging that the defendant violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act was two months away from trial.  Our team came in and did what we do.

The Result:

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