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Real estate litigation

You are a developer, investor, or lender.  Due to the negligence or betrayal of others, you have lost tens of millions of dollars on a major project.  Or maybe the government condemned your land, without fair compensation.  Maybe an insurer has refused to cover major remediation issues, title problems, or other losses.  Or maybe you are involved in a major commercial landlord-tenant dispute.

You invest money in real estate; not litigation.  Fronting millions of dollars in legal fees, with an uncertain outcome, is not appealing.  You also know what can go wrong when people do not risk their own money and are paid whether or not they produce results.  Dovel & Luner invests thousands of attorney hours, fronts all litigation costs, and works solely on a contingency-fee basis.  Like you, we are only paid if we produce results.

Although you are a real estate expert and already have lawyers that are real estate specialists, they are not experts at building a winning trial case.  They cannot step outside their technical knowledge to simplify the issues and persuade judges and jurors.  We can.  We are trial lawyers.  We learn and analyze any technical topic solely from the perspective of what will persuade.  As a result, we present a clear and powerful case.

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