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International arbitration

Your needs:

You have a valuable claim to be arbitrated in an international tribunal such as the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), or the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), based on a contractual provision or treaty.  Your legal claim could vary from a simple two-party contractual disagreement to a complex, cross-border, multi-jurisdictional dispute involving multiple defendants.

You want to maximize the value of your claim.  But maximizing the value of your claim will require litigators with the highest level of skill, fierce determination, and a proven ability to win a war.

Moreover, you need to hire a law firm that is sensitive to the unique challenges that arise in the context of international arbitrations.

Importantly, you don’t want to spend valuable cash to fund an expensive hourly law firm’s inefficient legal campaign—and you want your law firm to have real skin in the game.

Your solution:

Hire special counsel to prosecute your international arbitration claims who understands your needs and achieves extraordinary results on a contingency fee basis.

Dovel & Luner’s attorneys have a higher level of skill than any firm in the country, and a track record of success against the world’s biggest companies.  And with the addition of Steve Stein, an international arbitration expert who has served as an arbitrator in major international disputes, we can navigate the intricacies of any international tribunal.

We work only on a contingency fee basis.  If we don’t succeed, we don’t get paid.


In contrast to litigating in United States courts, witnesses in international arbitration typically provide direct testimony through written statements submitted weeks in advance of a hearing.  As a result, international arbitrations can be decided based on the effectiveness of the parties’ cross-examination of fact and expert witnesses.

We have seen attorneys use cross-examination to merely make a few points and avoid causing more harm than good. But that is not enough to achieve extraordinary results. Extraordinary results happen when a witness unequivocally gives up a key defense or the witness’ credibility is so destroyed that everyone in the room knows the witness is lying.

We achieve extraordinary cross-examinations in every case we take.  Prior to a hearing, we practice cross-examinations of each witness on key issues.  This allows us to sharpen our cross-examination skills, discover new lines of inquiry, and refine our approach to obtain key admissions.

See an example of how, based on days of cross-examination practice, a Dovel & Luner attorney got the opposing side’s expert witness to admit that he not only knew that his central contention was false but also told that to his lawyers.


It is frustrating when a conflict of interest precludes you from having your valuable claim prosecuted by highly skilled legal counsel.  As a boutique firm, Dovel & Luner is largely free of engagement conflicts and is well-positioned to take on international arbitration claims in a wide range of industries, unlike many large full-service firms.


To motivate an arbitral tribunal to rule in their favor, attorneys must not only produce effective arguments but must also be highly persuasive in delivering these arguments.

At Dovel & Luner, our attorneys have a deep understanding of the principles of persuasion and how to apply them to build a winning case.  At each stage of the arbitration, from the initial filings to post-hearing submissions, we directly take on our opponents’ best arguments and destroy them with clear, powerful logic and persuasive arguments.


We are committed to assembling a team of highly skilled attorneys that can maximize the value of your international arbitration claim while minimizing your risk.  In some cases, this means partnering with other top law firms around the world that can complement our skill set and experience.

If you have a potential international arbitration matter, please reach out to Sean Luner.

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