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Class Actions

If you want to join one of our class-actions, please provide this information:

Contact Us

New matter criteria

We consider new matters meeting the following criteria:

    – full contingency litigation where at least $25 million is at stake; or

    – full contingency arbitrations where at least $15 million is at stake.

We will also consider matters where less is at stake when a trial or arbitration is quickly approaching.


There is tremendous value in matching potential clients with the right law firm that can achieve the best result for the client.  Dovel & Luner engages in both inbound and outbound referrals.


Case evaluations

If your case meets our criteria, let’s discuss it.  We will provide you with our confidential assessment of its strengths and weaknesses and our thoughts on litigation strategy. We won’t charge for this analysis.

If you have a potential matter, or want to discuss a referral relationship,

Contact Sean Luner


Press Inquiries

For press inquires, please send an email to,

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