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Attorney referrals and partnerships

Inbound attorney referrals

Most of our clients come from attorney referrals.  Hundreds of attorneys have referred us cases because they know that if the case has merit, we will maximize the recovery.  We pay referral fees (consistent with ethical requirements), but most matters come to us because the referring lawyer believes that we are the best firm for the job.

We handle all types of righteous plaintiff cases, from business disputes, to mass torts, to product liability, to class actions.  And we take cases in any U.S. jurisdiction or international arbitration forum at any stage, from pre-filing to the courthouse steps.

Why lawyers refer cases to Dovel & Luner

Results.  We have an extraordinary track record of success:

When a lawyer refers us a case or partners with our firm and receives a share of the recovery, the lawyer will likely receive a larger referral fee than other firms could secure—a share of more is more.

We try cases.

Maximizing the value of a case requires either trying the case or being prepared to try the case.

And we are not afraid of trying cases against the largest companies in the world:

Because we build powerful trial cases, we often force large settlements shortly before or even during trial.

Resources.  We have the resources to go up against the largest companies in the world, including Google, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, and Dell.

Integrity.  There is no substitute for integrity.  Our firm is built on trusted relationships with our partners, colleagues, and clients.

Next step.  If you would like to discuss a possible referral, please contact Sean Luner at or (310) 656-7066.

If we do not take the matter, there is an excellent chance we can refer you to an attorney within our referral network.

Outbound attorney referrals

We regularly refer work to attorneys we trust.  We don’t request referral fees.

We can take on 5% or less of the high-stakes business litigation cases that we review.  And we are regularly presented with legal matters in areas of law we do not practice, such as tax, family law, corporate, etc.  Our goal is to find a good home for every deserving case and client.

If you would like to be considered for our referral network, please contact Sean Luner at  We welcome the opportunity to get to know each other.

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