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What We Do

We litigate and try high-value business cases in courts across the country.

Our results

We litigate against the largest law firms. And we win. Our attorneys have won over 85% of their jury and bench trials. We win by building an overwhelming case, which often results in the opposing side settling before, and sometimes during, trial.

We have closed over 300 deals.

We have never lost at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

We get excellent results. Don’t take our word for it. Contact our references.

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Success-based fees

We get paid only for success. That can mean full contingency fees or fixed-fees with success bonuses. It never means billing by the hour.

Types of cases

We litigate high-value business disputes. For example:

  • antitrust
  • patent infringement
  • copyright infringement
  • trademark infringement
  • trade secret theft
  • breach of contract
  • breach of warranty
  • class actions
  • fraud
  • insurance coverage
  • bankruptcy issues

We also have extensive appellate experience.

We tackle the top participants in major industries

Our cases include successful results against:

Consumer Electronics







Electronic Components

Major Manufacturing



Medical Devices

New matter criteria

We consider new matters meeting the following criteria:

  • full contingency litigation where at least $50 million is at stake;
  • full contingency arbitrations where at least $25 million is at stake; or
  • matters where success would result in a fee of at least $5 million.

We will also consider matters where less is at stake when a trial or arbitration is quickly approaching.

Case evaluations

If your case meets our criteria, let’s discuss it. We will provide you with our confidential assessment of its strengths and weaknesses and our thoughts on litigation strategy. We won’t charge for this analysis.

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