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Fire Litigation

Are you facing legal challenges in the aftermath of a wildfire?  Don’t navigate the complexities alone—trust the expertise of our lawyers to guide you through the legal process.

Over the past decade, destructive wildfires have ravaged across California and other states, creating unprecedented challenges for homeowners and business owners impacted by the fires.  Wildfires can result in catastrophic property damage, personal injury, and even death. 

These fires are often caused by a company’s negligence, such as a utility company failing to maintain its equipment or keeping its electrical power lines too close to surrounding trees.

We acknowledge the challenges faced by those affected by wildfires, including the disruption of lives and devastating losses of homes and property.

We help by offering the following services:

  • property damage claims
  • insurance disputes
  • personal injury lawsuits
  • environmental damage cases

How we work:

Free consultation:  Discuss your case with us at no cost;

Personalized strategy:  We tailor our approach to your unique situation;

Transparent communication:  Stay informed about your case’s progress.

At Dovel & Luner, we make sure that insurance companies keep their promises to compensate fire victims and hold those responsible for the fires accountable for damages that may not be covered by insurance.  We will help you obtain just compensation so you can rebuild your life.

Don’t let wildfire-related legal issues overwhelm you.  Take the first step towards obtaining your compensation by contacting Dovel & Luner.

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How Dovel & Luner can help.

We want to help home and business owners understand their legal rights.

Property and business owners often encounter and are frustrated by insurance issues after a wildfire.  Dovel & Luner attorneys provide policyholders with effective and reliable legal representation to handle insurance companies and obtain the compensation the victims need after fire losses.  And Dovel & Luner will seek recovery for losses that may not be covered by insurance policies from those responsible.

Here are common problems that we address:

  • You do not have fire insurance

Many people believe that they are properly insured for harm caused by a fire, only to find out after a wildfire that they do not own fire insurance policies.  In these situations, we will turn to those responsible for the fires to seek fair and just compensation, allowing the victims to rebuild.  

  • Your fire insurance has been wrongfully denied by the insurance company

Individuals may own fire insurance but don’t have experience pursuing fire insurance claims. They find the process of seeking insurance coverage for their home, property, or business challenging and intimidating.

Insurance companies can be slow moving and are notorious for denying claims.  Insurance companies promise policyholders that, in exchange for paying premiums, they will be there to help in response to a destructive fire.  Insurance companies must process claims honestly and fairly, even if doing so results in them losing money.

But insurance companies do not make money when they pay out on policyholder’s claims.  So despite their promise, your insurance company may refuse to pay your claim.  Insurance claims adjusters may look for reasons to lower a claim amount or deny a claim altogether. They may conduct a poor investigation, fail to conduct an investigation, or point to loopholes in the policy to avoid paying fire victims. 

For these policy holders, we can represent you enforcing your rights and to make sure that the insurance companies keep their promises and avoid unnecessary delays in compensating you.

  • Your insurance does not cover your full damages

Unfortunately, many insurance policies do not provide adequate coverage to help homeowners, renters, and business owners recover their full losses from wildfire damage.  Many fire victims find after rebuilding or repairing their property that the insurance proceeds do not fully compensate them for damages of rebuilding. 

Wildfires can cause more than just property damage—they may cause physical, financial, and emotional losses. Your damages may include:

  • Damage or loss of the house or business;
  • personal property damage;
  • destroyed trees and landscaping damage;
  • cost relating to evacuating your property;
  • annoyance and discomfort;
  • loss of earnings;
  • personal injury.  

You should be compensated for all of them. 

Many fire victims are underinsured– that is, the damage caused by the fire is greater than the amount of available insurance coverage.  We can help by maximizing the amount you recover from the insurance company and seek your additional damages from the party accountable for the fire.

Why Dovel & Luner?

Dovel & Luner’s mission is to empower people who have been injured to obtain justice.  Our passion is to make the bad guys pay; and we will fight for you to make that happen.  The firm’s fire damage attorneys are trusted allies to those who have lost property, lost loved ones, or been injured by wildfires. 

Dovel & Luner is built to win mass tort cases.  Our mass tort lawyers are highly qualified skilled attorneys who graduated from top law schools and are skilled at high-stakes trials.  

Building a powerful case requires that each task and each decision come from an excellent lawyer, one with the highest skill levels in analysis, written and oral persuasion, and cross-examination.  We only have excellent lawyers; so you know that you are in good hands.

Our attorneys have over 165 years of combined legal experience.  Our knowledge, experience, and skill win significant settlements and verdicts.  But our compassion and drive to win is what our clients value most.


Our firm seeks justice for injured victims and their families across the country.  Our team has obtained settlements and verdicts for clients all over the United States.

No recovery — no fees or costs

We are only paid for success. There is no cash out of your pocket when we represent you.  You pay no legal fees and do not reimburse the case expenses that we front unless we recover monetary damages.

Our no-win, no-fee approach means that we have full skin-in-the-game so you can be confident that we will work our hardest to get you the highest compensation.

We have earned the trust and respect of our clients by listening carefully to understanding their goals and concerns and always acting in their best interests.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

Each wildfire case is unique.  We give every client the individual, one-on-one attention, needed to foster trust, document their losses, and build a winning case to secure the fair compensation, so they can begin to rebuild their lives.

If you have been the victim of a wildfire, contact our contact our team at Dovel Luner.  Our firm will put our resources and experience to work for you. We offer free consultations to potential new clients, so reach out to us today to get started.

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