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Jonas Jacobson, as a third-year associate, arguing at the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

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We litigate complex, high-stakes cases against the largest law firms in the country—cases in which hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake and cases that establish important precedent.

But working at Dovel & Luner is very different than working in “BigLaw.”  No other firm in the country—big or small—will give you better training, experience, or pay as a young, developing lawyer.  This is a natural consequence of our firm’s business model and philosophy.

High-quality work

Get paid to win cases–not to bill hours.

We structure our fees so that we get paid for success, not hours billed–the bigger the win, the more we get paid.  As a result, we don’t waste time filling out time sheets to track our time in six-minute increments.  As an associate, your work will be valued based on the results you obtain, not the hours that you bill.

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Unrivaled associate development

Because we only get paid if we win, we need our young lawyers to become effective trial lawyers as quickly as possible.  Learn how we make that happen.

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Top salary and benefits

We recruit the best young lawyers from the best law schools and expect them to deliver results that far exceed those of associates at other firms.  We pay them accordingly.

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We enjoy our work environment and work hard to protect it.

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Meaningful summer program

Our summer program is our pipeline for new lawyers.  Our goal is to identify and hire attorneys who will succeed at the firm and stay with us long term–not to recruit a bloated class of first years to bill 2,500 hours per year each on document review projects.

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How to apply

We participate in on-campus recruiting at Harvard Law School and Stanford Law School.  We also consider applicants from other top law schools.  We target candidates in the top 10% of their graduating class.  Judicial clerks are also encouraged to apply.

For recruiting inquiries or to apply, contact Rick Lyon.

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