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High-Quality Work

Get paid to win cases—not to bill hours

We structure our fees so that we get paid for success, not hours billed—the bigger the win, the more we get paid.  As a result, we don’t waste time filling out time sheets to track our time in six minute increments.  As an associate, your work will be valued based on the results you obtain, not the hours that you bill.

Because we do not bill clients by the hour, we have no incentive to create busy work for our associates.  At Dovel & Luner, we do not spend blocks of time on unimportant tasks designed to fulfill billable hour requirements, such as drafting memos to a file or summarizing depositions.  We want all our lawyers—even our most junior associates—to spend their time on important, substantive tasks that add real value to our cases.  We provide new associates with daily feedback, detailed instructions, and regular practice in mock depositions, examinations, and oral arguments, so that they quickly develop the skills they need to win cases and contribute to the firm’s revenues.

As a result of our firm’s success-based fee model, our associates have time to focus on accomplishing the tasks and analyzing the issues that are most important to winning our cases.  We don’t have to worry about our clients second-guessing the time that we spend on critical tasks, and we are not forced to attempt to do excellent work within an accelerated time frame that fits within our clients’ budgets.

Additionally, this model aligns the incentives of our firm with the incentives of our clients.  This allows our associates and our clients to develop true partnerships.  Our associates are never in a situation where our firm’s interests and our clients’ interests diverge.

Litigate winning cases

Our success-based fee model forces us to be very selective about the cases we take.  We simply cannot afford to take on cases that lack merit.  We only take cases that we think are winners.

As a result, our attorneys don’t have to take untenable positions or fight hopeless fights.  We only litigate cases we believe in—and can win.

Run your own cases

All the attorneys at our firm—including our young associates—run their own cases.  This allows each attorney to take ownership of and participate in the long-term strategy of his or her cases, develop meaningful relationships with our clients, and marshal cases from complaint through trial.

This model also allows associates at Dovel & Luner to exert control over their lives and schedules, because they can predict their workload and decide how they will handle it.  Our associates are never subject to a higher-up who assigns them time-sensitive work on a Friday afternoon that needs to be completed over a weekend or who sets arbitrary deadlines.

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