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Core Values

Core Values Diagram

Our Core Values define our firm’s culture. These values are a natural part of who we are and our work environment. We use our Core Values as a filter for hiring, recognizing, and rewarding our team members.

Get it done right

At Dovel & Luner, we do not bill clients by the hour—we get paid for success. Our economic incentives require that we produce—i.e., get it done. And because we only get paid if we win, what we produce needs to be done right, from the most important output (such as trials and briefs) to all of the underlying details. 

Fire in the belly

At Dovel & Luner, we have the inner fire and competitive spirit to succeed. This passion allows us to overcome obstacles, find solutions, and deliver exceptional results—i.e., get it done right. We show up every day with hunger. We don’t take the path of least resistance. We have a burning drive to win and improve.

Always improving

At Dovel & Luner, we are restless in our self-improvement. We constantly strive to be better than we were yesterday, as individuals and in our craft. We track growth. We award innovation. We improve our skills and systems to find a better way to win.

Big heart, small ego

At Dovel & Luner, we expand our collective hearts and shrink our individual egos for the greater good. We foster a true team spirit. There is no sense of superiority or self-serving ambition or need to be elevated above others. We feel compassion for our clients and we respect one another.

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