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Connie Cheng is an associate at Dovel & Luner.

Connie joined the firm after graduating from Harvard Law School.  In law school, she served as Co-President of the Plaintiffs’ Law Association and an Executive Editor of the Harvard Law Review.

Before law school, Connie worked on the immigration team of a legal tech nonprofit.  She attended Harvard College, where she studied economics and tutored citizenship applicants.


  • Harvard Law School (J.D., cum laude, 2023)
  • Harvard College (B.A., cum laude, 2018)

Personal Facts

  • Connie’s first job involved taking care of cell cultures.
  • Connie has helped curate two museum exhibits.
  • Connie is a proud member of Generation Connie.

Joining Dovel & Luner

Founded just a semester before I started law school, the Harvard Plaintiffs’ Law Association introduced me to the idea of litigating against Goliaths as a career.  It also introduced me to the idea of starting that career at Dovel & Luner, a firm reputed to offer outsized training and ownership to its team of Davids.

Even during my summers at Dovel & Luner, I received detailed redlines of my written work, practiced oral advocacy skills on a regular basis, and workshopped parts of upcoming depositions and trials with the attorneys responsible for conducting them—including first-year associates.  I am excited to join their ranks.

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