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Copyright infringement

Your copyrighted work has been pirated.  Perhaps your competitor got access to your software code and used it to create competing products.

Maximizing your recovery for such damage and obtaining justice will be costly and will require litigators with the highest level of skill and expertise, fierce determination, and a proven ability to win a protracted war against law corporations.

Dovel & Luner has a track record of success pursuing claims against the world’s biggest companies.

  • We will use our proprietary processes and develop a strategy and tactics that maximize your recovery while minimizing your risk.
  • We are experts in demonstrating the elements of a copyright claim—access, similarity, and damages—to a judge or jury.  And we are also experts in parsing computer code to demonstrate the similarity necessary to establish copyright infringement.

We bet on our own skills.  We will work only on a contingency fee basis.  If we don’t succeed, we don’t get paid.

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