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Dovel & Luner Sues AT&T for Copyright Infringement

Press Release

SANTA MONICA – Dovel & Luner, a boutique litigation law firm, filed a copyright infringement suit on Friday against AT&T Inc. on behalf of producers and owners of movies such as Dallas Buyers Club and I Feel Pretty.  The lawsuit alleges that despite receiving hundreds of thousands of notices that AT&T’s internet users were pirating movies, AT&T continued to facilitate and profit from this mass piracy.  

The Complaint, filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, alleges that AT&T materially contributed to and vicariously committed copyright infringement and violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  

According to the lawsuit, “AT&T profits from subscriptions to its internet services.  Instead of taking simple steps against illegal pirating, AT&T turns a blind eye and continues to collect its customers’ subscription payments every month… which adds tens of millions of dollars to AT&T’s bottom line.”

“Mass piracy does not only hurt movie producers—it also costs the US economy over 200,000 jobs and $30 billion a year,” said Joey Bui of Dovel & Luner.  “Plaintiffs brought this case to protect their creative works and to stop AT&T from profiting off of piracy.”

Jenny Elliott

SOURCE Dovel & Luner, LLP
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