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Dovel & Luner Sues Wella For Benzene Contamination in Dry Shampoo

Press Release

SANTA MONICA – Dovel & Luner LLP on December 27, 2022, filed a federal class action lawsuit against Wella Operations US LLC on behalf of consumers nationwide who purchased the Sebastian Dry Clean Only Dry Shampoo. The lawsuit alleges that the dry shampoo contains benzene, a known human carcinogen, and is dangerously defective. Thus, Wella deceived and overcharged consumers by failing to provide products that are safe for consumers to use.

The Complaint, filed in the United States District Court of Central California, alleges that Wella violated consumer protection laws, including Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act.

According to the lawsuit, “[Wella] fails to include labeling indicating to consumers that the products contain the known human carcinogen, benzene, at levels that are dangerous to human health when used as directed.”

The complaint states “These practices are unfair. Selling adulterated and misbranded products violates established public policy. It further violates established public policy to sell products that contain a known carcinogen, without warning buyers.”

Christin Cho of Dovel & Luner said, “Plaintiffs brought this class action to protect the thousands of U.S. consumers who purchased the Sebastian Dry Shampoo.”

Jenny Elliott

SOURCE Dovel & Luner, LLP
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