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Funder Referral Program (FRP)

If you can capture value from a litigation opportunity without spending time and diligence on the matter, or investing any capital, would you at least consider it?

If so, you should know about Dovel & Luner’s Funder Referral Program (“FRP”).


If you are not familiar with Dovel & Luner, we are a litigation firm – built to win by trial attorneys.  We pursue high-value cases on full contingency and have an excellent track record.

Sometimes, good matters come across your desk that do not have a law firm attached, that you cannot fund for reasons unrelated to the merits, including:

  • Economics:  The budget amount relative to the damages does not support your required funding ratio (e.g., 10 x 1 damages to budgeted deployment ratio);
  • Funding mandate:  The claim type is outside your fund’s directive (e.g., class actions);
  • Diversification:  Your portfolio may be overly concentrated (e.g., with the same law firm; against the same defendant; in the same venue; or in a particular class of cases);
  • Funding cycle:  You may not have funds immediately available based on your funding cycle—but the matter is time-sensitive (e.g., there is a statute of limitations issue);
  • Structure: Single-case funding is unavailable due to structural concerns (e.g., existing creditors would only subordinate to an attorneys’ contingency fee);
  • Working Capital: The client requested financing for both legal expenses and working capital, and providing both would exceed your desired commitment level.

We may be interested in litigating these cases on a full contingency because the reasons why this matter does not work for you may not apply to us.

So, instead of passing the opportunity along to a competing funder or broker, our FRP allows you to potentially generate fees in the range of 10% to 20% of the attorneys’ fees recovered by referring the matter to us to litigate on a full contingency.

Depending on ethical rules governing our relationship, we could be able to either:

  • provide you a referral fee directly (e.g., a 20% referral fee that we offer referring law firms); or
  • work with an Arizona law firm that could ethically share a referral fee with you.

We have template documents and an ethics opinion approving our FRP program.

Let me know if you have a matter that we can evaluate for our FRP.

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